Utsav Gautam (Rank-33/UPSC-2017)


Utsav Gautam (Rank-33/UPSC-2017)


Interview board chairman – P.K Joshi

Duration : 26 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

Q1: Why did you change school from class X and class XII ?

A: Sir, I took coaching for IIT-JEE. My earlier school and coaching were in two opposite parts of city, so I changed my school which was near to the coaching.

Q2:What is corporation in IOCL ?

I am sorry sir, I don’t know

Q3:Difference between company & corporation ?

I am sorry sir, I don’t know

Q4:Why ONGC changed from commission to corporation?

Sir,  iam not sure but if you please allow me I would like to make an educated guess.


Chairman: Go on

Me : when shares of ONGC were released as IPO, its named changed from commission to corporation.

Q5:Did you read statistics as part of Maths syllabus in UPSC mains?

A : no sir, It is not in syllabus

Q6:Did you read statistics in school ?

: Sir, I faintly remember, but  I have read statistics in school in class XI.

Q7: can you tell me , what you read ?

A: Sir, I read about mean, median, mode, histogram , cumulative frequency etc.

Q8:What is the use of mode ?

: Sorry sir, I am unable to recall.

Q 9: Where you  have been staying after I left the job?

A : agra

Q10 : Specialty of Agra ?

A : Tajmahal, culture of sulh-e-kul.

Q11 : What is the use of trigonometry in daily life ?

A: It is used in height and distances, architecture and finding the trajectory of ball in cricket.

Q12 : What is ideal gas ? boyle law ?

A: sorry sir, I don’t know



1.Difference between meteoroid, asteroid & comet ?

Me : meteoroid : a small body moving in the solar system that would become a meteor if it enters the earth’s atmosphere. Asteroid is celestial body orbiting around sun in a orbit, they are primarily in asteroid belt and Kuiper belt. Comet is object comprising of volatile compounds orbiting around the sun in highly elliptical orbit.

2. Which one of them is larger ?

Me : there is no fixed rule, it depends on the case to case basis

3.but still, which one is larger ?

Me : generally asteroid is larger

4.Why comet has tail ?

Me: because when they come near sun, the volatile compound gets vaporized and they get repelled by solar wind, which forms the tail.

5.pointing towards book on the table, why book is lying on table, which law is working ?

Me : newton first law, since the resultant of forces on books is zero thus acceleration of book is zero and it is in rest state.


Member2 :

1.How jet engine works ?

Me : It works on newton third law, the gases that come out fast from rocket pushes rocket in forward direction.

2. Difference  between astronomy & astrology ?

Me : astronomy is the study of various celestial objects and related phenomenon such as black hole, worm hole etc. Astrology is linking of human future based on the study of position of stars.

3.he asked something about formation and life cycle of stars ?

Me : I talked about red dwarf, brown dwarf, supernovae, hypernovae etc.

4.You studied in air force school ? were your parents from Air force background ?

No sir, I took admission as a part of civilian student.

Q13. Asked about my school & prize I won?

  1. told

Q14.What have you learnt from your preparation?

  1. I have learnt about various things about our country, society and world. I have also inculcated more maturity and empathy.

Q15. From what other sources you have learnt things in your life?

  1. I learn a lot from observing the society, I learn from movies as well.

Q16. Can you elaborate about the movie point?

  1. Sir, we read about evils in the society in newspapers, but when we see that in movies  it creates more impact on our minds as visual impact is more prominent for eg in Marathi movie Sairat the various social evils depicted, encourage us to do something to change this.

Q17. My Job profile questions, further cross questioning. asked a situational case study based on my job profile. I told him that this has happened with me many times so asked me  to narrate that incident with every tiny bit detail of it for around 6-7 minutes.

Q18. You were captain of school cricket team, there is important match, there is good player not your friend and your close friend who is not a good player, whom will you choose ?

  1. I will assess the strength of opposite team and will select the team accordingly

Q19. which one you will play ?

  1. I will select the better player and not my friend

Q20. But he is your friend, why you will not select him, if he asks what you will say?

  1. Since he is my friend, I will give him party after I win the match, but I will not select him, I will convey this to him humbly and firmly

Q21. What if you lose the match ?

  1. “What ifs” always remain in cricket, but one has to take the decision objectively that time.

Member 3:

1.What is biological hotspot ?

A: They are the areas where there is lot of biological diversity.

2.Criteria needed for it ?

Ans:Species endemism and threats to the species

3.What is hope spot ?

Ans:Sorry mam, I don’t know

4.What is NPA ? classification of bad loans, SARFAESI act ?


5.Threats to Taj Mahal ?

I talked about environmental threat (air pollution, insects due to sewage pollution in Yamuna), drying of Sal logs because of low water in Yamuna, security threats

6.Why pollution in agra, what are the emission standards followed there, why after so many laws pollution still there?

mentioned unavailability of natural gas as originally envisaged by taj trapezium case.

7.What needs to be done, to reduce pollution from tanneries?


8.What is MGNREGA? criticism of mgnrega ?

Mentioned all the generic points of GS answer


1.How to measure the purity of any substance?

2.Talked about six sigma standards

3.How to measure purity of water in water bottle, he was pointing to bisleri bottle kept on table?

4.Mentioned BoD, CoD, coliform content etc.

5.How to separate, water from diesel & petrol?

6.Fractional distillation can be done to separate all three.

7.Vacuum distillation & subsequent cross questioning.

Overall very cordial board, M3 and M2 were nodding affirmatively at everything I was saying, Joshi sir was writing and m4 try to bit grill me. Questions purely based on DAF.