Siddharth Jain (Rank-13/CSE-2015)


Siddharth Jain (Rank-13/CSE-2015)


Interview board chairman – Manbir sir

Duration :  30 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

CHAIRPERSON:what are you doing since 2014?

me:sir, i gave my first attempt in 2014 and this is my second attempt.I have been selected in indian forest service this year

Chairperson: so,u r an ifs officer?

me:No sir, i m waiting for the appointment letter

Chairperson: tell me about the khap panchayat issue?

me:Sir ……… (told sum points,both positive and negative but more focus on negative points)

Chairperson: So as an administrator what can you do?

me:(Told something,he was not convinced).Then i said , sir we already have panchayats as a constitutional body,so i will strengthen them.With time it will wither down the khaps.(somehow seemed convinced).

Member 1: why are you inclined  towards meditation at such a young age

me:told (amongst various other things ,i mentioned calmness , and better decision making aptitude in it).Further if people after an experience of 50-60 years chose meditation ,i have learnt from their wisdom and started the practice at a young age..(was happy to listen this)

Member 1: how will mathematics(my optional) help you in civil service

me:mam mathematics helps me in being objective and precise with my decisions.In particular, methods from numerical methods can be useful in analysing the impact of policy decisions …(told some more points).

Member 1: So you feel calmness and objectivity are the only qualities of a civil servant

me:Mam these are some of the qualities.

Member 1: What other qualities

me:honesty ,………….(told many)

Member 1:So has being honest ever harmed u in ur life ,give example

me:no it hasn’t,told that in the short term it might look as if we are at a disadvantage ,however in the longer run a virtuous person stays happy.(then i an example from my college life)

Member 1: so what if a politician says u to do something..Will u just stick to your principles or follow his order

me:Told that as an administrator ,i am the implementer of government i will implement the orders.However if the same is outside the framework of constitution, i will abide by my principals.

Member 2:What is the reason behind JAT agitation.Explain from  a JATS perspective

me:told about land fragmentation..And jats being both land holders and land tillers,could not reap the benefits of education and other government policies.

Member 2:Uttarakhand separated from U.p….has administration improved?

me:(Was not aware of exact facts)So started analysing that being a smaller state,the governance machinery will be efficiently used.(He started with next question in between

Member 2: why haryana getting developed and uttarakhand not,though both are small states(i used the word small state in my last answer)

me:Sir , haryana has a largely plain topography,so the entire state is at least geographically accessible.Secondly the NCR region in haryana is well developed because of proximity to delhi .Thirdly the effect of green revolution

Member 2: What are the problems in haryana


Member 3: How do u see faridabad(my home city)(he wanted to know if it is developed or not)


Member 3: what are some of the new industries in faridabad?


Member 3: If u r SDM of faridabad how will u use mechanical engineering for its development?

me:Faridabad is a contender for smart cities.Further newer projects like metro lines are being started in Faridabad.Being a mechanical engineer ,i will be more competent in passing tenders or any other technical development related project.

Member 4:U r selected in indian forest servie.How will u use mechanicAL ENgineering in it?

me:Told a prepared answer.(How in scandinavian countries the forestry department is mechanized and how using mechanical engineer we can replicate the same in India)

Member 3: Comment on the land acquisition bill.

me:(Gave a balanced answer)

Member 4: I will give u mathematical paradox .solve it(my optional mathematics)

me:ok sir

Member 4: X raised to power m = y raised to power m.What is the possible relation between x and y

me:(was very happy to see such an easy question )..Sir,x=y ;x=-y(for m =even numbers)and if m=0 ,x is not related to y

Member 4: if 2 raised to power 0 = 3 raised to power 0.Why 2 is not equal to 3.Tell me a mathematical answer

me:(told something but he was not convinced)

Member 4: Oke do it at home.That was just for fun.

me:(i thought lol )

Member 4: problem of higher education.Tell as a student of iit roorkee


Member 4: So i make u d director of ur college.How will u solve these problems with the given constraints


IFS Interview Questionnaire 2015

me:Wished good morning..Manbeer sir told it is afternoon..(was embarrassed )

Chairperson 1:   IIT roorkee is a very prestigious college ,especially its civil and mechanical branch.Why do you want to leave that branch and come here?

me:sir ,the following things in forest service attracts me ………(gave a prepared answer)further i believe my knowledge in mechanical engineering can be utilized in this service

Chairperson 1: How will you use mechanical engineering in ifs?

me:(gave a a prepared answer,however my answer included that we can try to find a suitable replacement of timber using knowledge of material science that is taught in mechanical engineering)*however he was not convinced

Chairperson 1: But you r nt a researcher,neither will you find a time to find a replacement of timber once in service!!

me:yes sir,but being in a position of responsibility , i can incentivize the same

Chairperson 1: Are you aware of duties of forest officer?

me:Yes sir

*he didn’t asked any further questions .manbeer sir is quiet emotionless and it is difficult to judge if he is convinced*

Member 1: what is CAD?

me:sir ,computer aided design

Member 1: no in the context of economy

me:current acc def.

Member 1: wat was the CAD in the last quarter?

me:SIr, i don’t know d exact figures  , but CAD has decreased in d last quarter and is around 3 %

Member 1: WHat is inflation?What can be done to reduce inflation?


Member 1: What is NAM?

me:Sir non aligned movement.(told a brief history)

Member 1: What is the present status of NAM(he clarified that he wanted to know the number of countries in NAM

me:Sir,i am not aware of the number of countries

M1:is NAM still relevant?

me:told dat NAM is active neutrality ,not passive neutrality……….(in short i supported dat it is relevant)

he passed onto next member

Member 2: WHat is carrying capacity of earth?

me:(gave a vague answer,after taking the members permission for an estimated guess)

Member 2: difference between carrying capacity and biotic potential?

me:(again a vague answer)

Member 12: u used d word material answer earlier in theinterview.How can you use material science in biotechnology.

me:Property of Ny new material produced via biotechnology can be evaluated and assessed by using the knowledge of material science(though d answer dat i gave was vague and verbose but this was d essence)

Member 2: Difference between good ozone and bad ozone?


M2:tell me about the ozone hole?what causes it?


Member 2: Can we use genetic engineering in forests.I have heard dat rite now it is  used in agriculture(*somewhere i used the term genetically modified trees)

me:mam , genetic engineering basically means some genetic variation to achieve a desired result.Going by this definition ,I believe we can use it in forest

Member 2: How can a forest officer ,judge that trees in his area are under stress ?

me:Told various points like canopy density,quality of seeds,quality of tree products,the chlorophyll content ..etc

Member 3: SIddharth you seem to be interested in international conventions(i was totally confused ,why is he saying this ,and who on earth is interested in conventions).You have used the word IPCC earlier in the interview(i used it initially ,while answering why am i  joining indian forest service,wherein i told that going by the recent ipcc report environment is a very hot topic)So WHat is IPCC?comment on its recent report..

me:(told some points)

Member 3: WHat is CITES(his pronunciation of CITES was totally weird and very difficult to understand ,then he clarified by saying the full form)

me:(told some points)

Member 3: Comment on the recent paris summit!

me:(told,a  prepared answer)

Member 3: Why is india drafting a new national forest policy,even though our national forest policy 1988 is still relevant

me:Sir,i do not know the exact reason but can i tell what reasons are coming to my mind

Member 3: go on….

me:(told:to comply with the new INDC given in LIMA and PAris conference , we want additional forests as forest sink,thus new policy will have ol dis…….)

Member 3: have u visited rajaji national park?


Member 3: name 5 species you saw

Member 3: What is the condition of trees there

Member 3: what is the most important ecosystem service of forest.?

Member 3: what are forest certificate,should tribals be allowed to exploit forest

Me:answered those qns