Shivani Goyal (Rank-15/UPSC-2017)


Shivani Goyal (Rank-15/UPSC-2017)


Interview board chairman – Sh. Sujata Mehta

Duration : 35 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

Chairman: Good afternoon Shivani

Me: Good afternoon ma’am


  1.  Briefly tell me about yourself, your educational background etc.
  2. Any special reasons for getting attracted to civils?
  3. Have you done your arangetram? (Diploma in Bharatnatyam)
  4. Shivani, when you read about the rising number of billionaires in the country, what do you think?
  5. Have you heard about Thomas Picketty, Inequality? What is your say
  6. What do you think about being billionaires through arbitrage? (was not able to understand the question)

Member 1:

1.Do you agree with progressive taxation?

2. you have got CGPA and Marks, which system is better.

3. Tell 3 challenges to Indian economy?

4. What is the banking crisis? (NPA problem)

5. Do you think we can provide jobs to all the young people?

6. We hear bad things about Kashmir, tell me 2 good news?

7. Bharatnatyam, who was your teacher?

8. why did you start?


Member 2:

1. What is the difference between Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam?

2. Do we have mudras in kuchipudi?

3. What is arangetram?

4. Rural urban divide? As a DM, how will you curb?

5. Why are women unsafe in Delhi? If it happens in rural areas, where barbaric people exist- it can still be understood?

Member 3:

1.Tell me risk and prospect theory- did not know.

2. who is …. economist? Hadn’t heard of him and hence, I do  not remember the name asked,

3.In which field Nobel Prize was given in economics?

4. What are derivatives?

5. What is Vienna convention?

6. what do common people think about police?

7. As an IPS, one change you would like to bring?

8.Where would you like to serve? Tribal or urban?


Member 4:

1.Bookkeeping? What do you think about bookkeeping and blockchain?

2. Do you think Satyam could have been avoided if blockchain?

3. Bitcoin- Is it a legal tender? Is it illegal? Difference between virtual currency and cryptocurrency?

4. Congestion? Can we reduce cars?


Chairman : Anything you would like to say?

My Interview: It was not at all a stress interview. Questions were mixed- Few expected and few unexpected.