Saumya Sharma (Rank-9/UPSC-2017)

Saumya Sharma (Rank-9/UPSC-2017)


Interview board chairman – Sh. Arvind Saxena

Duration : 35 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

They asked me questions from my DAF and from current affairs. I was also asked a rapid fire round on criminal law, which I knew the answers too. I was asked of my opinion on Trump, on demonetization. I was also asked questions on net neutrality, on equalization levy and on wilful defaulters. One of the members asked me questions on environment law, and on the constitutional and legislative framework regarding water. I was able to answer these questions well.

I particularly enjoyed answering the question asked from my hobby of map reading. I was asked by the Chairman- “If I travel from Delhi to Sudan via road, what all countries will I cross?’ I was able to provide him with the entire list of countries that will be crossed.

Overall, my entire interview was quite pleasant. My confidence level too remained adequate throughout. There were certain questions that I could not hear properly, so I asked them to repeat it for me and they kindly did. It was an honour to sit at the round table with the esteemed board members and answer their questions.