Satwik (Rank-18/IFoS-2017)


Satwik (Rank-18/IFoS-2017)


Interview board chairman – P.K Joshi

Duration : 30 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:


  1. What is the similarity between integral humanism and Gandhian philosophy? (Related to my DAF)

       Me: Both of them talked about the Antyodaya! Benefit to the last mile is promoted by both of them.

  1. How are you going to use GIS and GPS in forest?

      Me: Text book answer

  1. Why has Kanpur lost its top spot from Industrial sector?

      Me:  Poor industrial set up, Electricity problem, Labor issues etc.

Member 1:

1.This 5-7 minute conversation was based on my understanding of Globalization and protectionism. Is it good for India? Why didn’t we open up our economy just after independence?

Me: I just used my basic understanding to answer these questions because nothing specific was asked.


Member 2:  

1.The most deadly member of the board.

2. What is the definition of crop definition of crop?

Me: I do not know.

  1.  What is the year of Kyoto protocol?

Me: I gave a simple textbook answer.

  1. How many members have signed Kyoto Protocol?

Me:  Isn’t this a prelims question? (Obviously I didn’t say that loud) I simply said I am not sure.

  1. Name some chemicals that are required to treat eutrophication?

Me: Had this been by Mains examination, I would have made some guesses and filled the sheet but didn’t do anything like that here.

Again I had to settle down with ‘I do not know’.

  1. How would you recycle water at home?

Me: I was already under pressure because I had already said too many ‘I do not know’ and so I made a guess here. I talked about kitchen gardening etc. I also fumbled while answering this question.


Member 3:

  1. What do you think Ganga rejuvenation programme?

Me:  A text book answer was given.

  1. What are your views on translocation of lions from Gir?

Me: I told that translocation should consider a lot of factors like climate, availability of prey and adaptability of the species etc.

3: Have You visited any national park/Sanctuary?

Me: Yes, Jim Corbett national park.

  1. Do you find any problem in tourism inside the sanctuaries?

Me: Yes.

  1. What is it and how would you deal with it?

Me: A lot of vehicles are allowed every day. There should be an upper limit on the number of vehicles per day to reduce the pressure on the forest.

  1. What is the difference between wet sal and dry sal?

Me: I don’t know.

  1. How many months did you take to prepare Forestry as an optional?

Me: Around 1 month.

  1. Why did you spend so less time on it?

Me: I got a little nervous here but told them the truth that I appeared for Civil services (Mains) too.

  1. Are you appearing for civil services interview too?

Me: Yes sir.

He congratulated me for clearing civil services (Mains) and I left.

My interview was mostly not on expected lines. They did not ask much from my DAF or my Physics background. There were some totally random questions but before I could understand, I had already fumbled once till then. To overcome the situation I took a pause and gained back my senses and proceeded with the mindset that they want me to get panicked and that is why these questions are asked. Once I realized that this is a stress interview, I was able to handle it.