Saikanth Verma Score: 208

Saikanth Verma Score: 208

Chairperson: What makes you think you are suited to be an administrator?

Had not prepared for this question.

Ans.: Madam, I think coming from a technical background and as someone who understands technology, I can easily identify areas where I can  plug in the technology to improve the system.

Comments : does not answer what is asked.

Chairman: Using technology is one thing, but an administrator needs many more things. You seem like a strong technical guy, what makes you think that you will be a good administrator?

Comments: He should have taken a few moments to think. He got tensed a little.

Ans.: Madam, I am a very patient person and am willing to listen to what everyone has got to say. Also, I am a slow learner and I think here it works to my advantage.

(himself dissatisfied with his answer. Tried to keep cool with a smiling face)

Comments: A very poor start. Still ends up with 208 marks. Moral: do not lose confidence and calmness. There are ample opportunities in next questions.

[Member 1] You’ve mentioned reading about ethical hacking is your hobby. So what is ethical hacking?

Ans.: Sir, should I also explain why it is called ethical hacking?

[Member 1] Notices his over-excitement, “No, leave it”

Comments: He could not keep calm. Got over-excited. So lost a precious chance of answering and discussing his favorite and well prepared topic. See, Calmness pays. So avoid both the extremes: nervousness as well as over-excitement.

Member 2] You were earning such a high salary at your previous job. How are you going to live with the pay cut.

Ans: Sir, even though I got inclined towards civil services in college itself, I took up the job as a software engineer because the pay was good and that felt right at that point. However, during the 2 years of me working as a software engineer, I felt that money is not the only thing that can take me to work every day for the next 30-35 years. I realized that I must choose a career that would give me a greater job satisfaction. And civil services promised me that job satisfaction. Also sir, if we consider all the other allowances that a civil servant gets, then pay cut is not so big and I was willing to take that cut in lieu of greater job satisfaction.

Comments: answered well.

Member 3] I have only one question to ask you. So think for a minute and answer. Today civil servants are being selected through an exam and by a bunch of 5 people interacting with the aspirants for half-an-hour. Even though UPSC is fair in all aspects, don’t you think this isn’t correct? I think many engineers and doctors like you are coming towards civil services and wasting all the money spent on making you engineers and doctors. Instead I think civil servants should be selected soon after 12th class, and then they should be adequately trained in all necessary aspects like polity, economy, technology etc and make them more suitable for administration. What is your opinion on this?

Ans.: (Silent for a few seconds) Sorry sir, I beg to differ with you on this. This is something I’m telling from my own personal experience. I don’t think that a 12th standard student will be mature enough to choose civil services as a career for right reasons. I think it is a very mature decision. Also sir, I think civil services is such a diverse career that it would want candidates from diverse profiles. It wants the best engineers, doctors, lawyers, MBA grads, economists etc.. On the other hand I feel that training all the 12th passed students to be civil servants would make all the civil servants to be monotonous. I think that diversity is one of the biggest strengths of Indian bureaucracy which must be continued.

Comments: answered well.

[Member 4] Should we move towards Presidential form of government because in reality that’s what we are witnessing in our country?

Ans.: ‘I don’t think we should because the Executive is held accountable for its actions by the Parliament in Parliamentary form of government’.

[Member 4]  So is in the Presidential form of government. Infact, the President of US is more responsible to the US Congress than our PM to the Parliament.

Me: Sorry sir, I will need more time to think on this.

Comments: initially hesitant while answering, regains his calmness.  

[Member 4] Tell me just 3 or 4 points on what strategies we need to adopt to achieve 8-9% growth rate.

Ans.: Sir, inclusive development

[Member 4]  That is not a strategy, that is an objective.

Ans.: Sorry sir. Skill development, women empowerment… (goes blank and member 4 prompted tax reforms.  (pause again and couldn’t answer)

Chairperson: okay its done.

Ans. : Thank you madam, thank you sirs, have a nice day.”Walks out.

Comments: Interview ends abruptly. Candidate does not do well in the beginning and in the last question. Still he scores 208 marks. Moral: Be confident and calm. You may pick up and accelerate any moment.