Raja Gopal Sunkara Score 212

Raja Gopal Sunkara Score 212

David Sir:

1) Your hobbies are learning carnatic music and making videos. How can you integrate both?

2) What is your choice of cadre?

3) In the context of Delhi’s demand for full statehood, should Andaman and Nicobar be given full statehood?

4) What is a startup?

Member 1:

1) What is disarmament?

2) What types of weapons come under disarmament?

3) What are the treaties and conventions related to disarmament?

4) Why is drama not as popular as Bollywood?

5) What about infrastructure (lights, sets) in drama?

6) What are GM Crops, pros, cons and your stand?

Member 2:

1) Differences between Carnatic and Hindustani Music?

2) Famous carnatic musicians?

3) Who is famous for Veena?

Member 3:

1) How will Naxalism be affected after separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh?

2) What is genetic engineering? How are genes cut?

Member 4:

1) Why did not cooperative model in dairy industry succeed in other states? (I focused on strength of institutions in Gujarat)

2) Is it not because of the leadership of some individuals?

3) Are individuals more important or institutions?

4) What plays have you performed in?

5) Why did you not do Shakespearean Drama?

David Sir:

1) How did you recreate a particular scene in a particular play (that I had mentioned earlier)?

Comments: The panelists insisted upon him to talk more even after he gave them 3-4 points. This happened 3-4 times. Interviewers wanted to assess his clarity of thoughts and consistency of views. He chose to calmly admit if unable to recall more points but did not bluff.