Pulkit Garg (Rank-27 /CSE-2015)


Pulkit Garg (Rank-27 /CSE-2015)


Interview board chairman – H C Gupta

Duration :  30 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

It started on a very pleasant note. I entered with a smiling face.


  1. Has anyone told you that have a very good smile Pulkit .

Me: Thank you sir. Yes sir, my friends tell me that. (blushing 😀 ) . It even goes with my name, Pulkit.

All board members in chorus : What does your name mean Pulkit?

Me: Sir, it means a person who is always happy and smiling.

2.It really suits you then Pulkit.

Me : Thinking ( there couldn’t have been a better start to the interview)

3.Okay, Pulkit, tell us why do you want to leave IRTS, which is such a good job with immense perks, with houses bigger than that of IAS and where saloons(separate coaches) are provided for travelling through train to the officers.

Me: Definitely sir, it’s a great service. But IAS has its own distinct advantages, such as :

The most important reason Sir is that it gives me immense opportunity to make a deep impact on every aspect on a citizen’s life, ranging from education, health to skill development.

The other major reason is that it gives me great opportunity for career growth. 80% of joint secretaries,85% of Additional secy and 90% of secretaries are IAS. (not sure about accuracy of figures, but I was more concerned about conveying the message)

  1. Okay. What is the capital of Assam?

Me : (In a hurry) Sir, its Guwahati. ( a big blunder)

  1. No, Pulkit, Its Dispur, a locality in Guwahati. Have you read about it?

Me : Yes sir, I have read about it. Thank you for the information. It just slipped out of my mind.

  1. Okay. What is your opinion about scrapping of recruitment into railways through SCRA?

Me : It’s definitely a step in the right direction sir. Supported it with 2-3 reasons. ( CM looked satisfied)


Member 1:

  1. Why do you think that IITs are institutes of excellence, better than our other institutes.

Me : Gave standard answer. Best of the students selected. Very good faculty. Excellent infra. Independent governance.

  1. Gave me an incomprehensible ( at that time, turned out to be easy later, as soon as I exited the hall) Maths problem, which he had already written beforehand on a sheet of paper.

Me : Can I take some time sir.

  1. Take all the time you want.

Me: Can’t think of it right now sir.

  1. No issues.It’s totally okay.


Member 2: (Lady)

  1. You would get a lot sifarishein( illegitimate demands) when you are posted in the district. How would you tackle them?

Me:  Ma’am , I would keep a very simple approach. I would ensure that everything works as per the law and procedure. Not even one exception would be there to this norm. Not even for my family members, relatives or friends. It would establish my image as an honest officer, and in some time, I would stop receiving such demands. ( she looked satisfied)

  1. What is Make in India?

      3.What is Skill India?

  1. So you are from Delhi. Tell me 3 problems and the pointwise solutions about why Health system in Delhi is crumbling

Me : 1. Underspending as a proportion of GSDP

  1. Lack of availability of medicines in govt hospitals
  2. Poor medical ethics  among doctors


  1. Increase spending
  2. Improve supply chain
  3. Reform medical education system

There were a few other innocuous questions, which I don’t remember right now.


Member 3:

1.Gave a situation. So consider that you are DM of a district. What measures would you take to prevent a railway accident, and in case an accident happens, to minimize injuries and casualties.

Me : Sir, we could undertake a vulnerability analysis survey, to find out the most vulnerable areas, where there is high probability of an accident taking place. Then we could take site specific measures.

Such as , strengthening of old bridges through which trains pass , and strengthening embankments to prevent landslides from affecting railway tracks.

To minimize the adverse effects, we could have a toll free emergency helpline number to provide quick help.

  1. Anything else?

Me : Sir, we could form a coordination committee consisting of officials from district administration, police, railway officials and officials from health department to provide quick and effective help.

  1. Could we also train local communities, who are normally the first responders, in such emergencies?

Me : Definitely sir.


CM : Thank you Pulkit, your interview is over. And I think I should take back my comment about your smile, because you were so serious throughout the interview.

Me: Didn’t know what to respond. Just gave him a nervous smile again. J