Prateek Jain (Rank-82/CSE16)


Prateek Jain (Rank-82/CSE16)


Interview board chairman – Shree Chhattar Singh ji.

Duration : 20- 25 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:


1. Is it you? (showing me the photo)

2. What are your educational qualifications?

3. So you have interest in poems? So what kind of poems do you write?

4. Do you publish them too?

5. Why not many poems written on our highways or trains?

6. Do you also read poetry? Which poets do you like?

7. ok you did your BTech. Tell me if transformers are machine?

8. where are transformers installed?

9. then he left and looking my reaction that I was not knowing. He switched on to the electronics side. How would you define transistor to a normal person.

10. In this room where is the transistor being used. Where exactly I could find it.

11. where was transistor invented?

Member 1:

1. Continuing where was transistor invented?

2. what is moore’s law? What is that rate?

3. what other skills you acquired at IIT Guwahati?

4. how will you be using your domain knowledge in administration.

5. don’t you think we are losing an engineer?

6. what do you think what is the importance of your domain knowledge in a given project?

7. Imagine that you are made some secretary then what instrumentality should any domain knowledge must have?

8. Take the example of EVMs. recently some people have expressed reservations about the same.

Member 2:

1. Who is ULFA?

2. do you know any other organizations similar to ULFA?

3. what is the difference between terrorism and naxalism?

4. what are various internal security challenges of the country?

5. Have you been to Sualkuchi? what is it?

6. Do you think it is good to waive off the farmer loans?

7. so you mean it is good in short term?

8. don’t you think it would trigger a chain reaction in the country?

9. what kind of books do you read?

10. what kind of movies do you watch? any movies which you have liked?

Member 3:

1. what is judicial activism?

2. what is judicial overreach?

3. give me an example of judicial overreach

4. don’t you think it is a good decision, the court must have had an intent( I said court’s ban on liquor within 500 m of NH and SH)

5. what was the NJAC

6. so you have studied Physics: tell me 3 equations of motion

7. what are laws of motion

8. what is inertia M3 what is the relation between inertia and equilibrium

Member 4:

1. Ok you said you watched moonlight.. but I could not understand it? did it deserve an oscar? M4: any important festival coming up in Assam.

2. talked in Akhomi. I replied.

3. Have you heard about BRICS+?

4. what is extradition?

5. in what kind of offences we do not extradite?

6. have you heard the term carbon sink?

7. what is the largest natural mechanism of carbon sink?

8.regarding laptop ban in flights by US & UK? What’s the difference/ Why is it so?


Inference: More or less the interview went pretty much on the expected lines only. More than 80% of questions were based on my DAF especially on my hobbies and engineering.