Prachi Singh (Rank-154/CSE16)


Prachi Singh (Rank-154/CSE16)


Interview board chairman – Mr. B.S.Bassi

Duration : 30 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:


1.Suppose you are made an IPS officer how would you ensure that FIR registration gets enhanced in your district?

2.What are the common reasons of FIR? What are the problems faced by common man?

Member 1:

  1. Compare the health infrastructure of Allahabad and Bhopal.
  2. How hospitals are established based on population?
  3. How will you control inflation?

Member 2(lady) :

  1. SR Bommai case.
  2. Vishakha case.
  3. Why there are very less women parliamentarians? Give your views on Women Reservation Bill.
  4. How will law help you in civil services?

Member 3:

  1. How will you control violation of Fundamental Rights?
  2. Importance of BRICS.
  3. Army Act and AFSPA

Member 4:

  1. Competition Act.
  2. Difference between lease and license.
  3. Easement. 4. IPRs and WTO negotiations

Chairman: “EU is doomed. Give your comments. “