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Keeping this in mind, we will be providing below quizzes with quality questions, which shall be immensely helpful for your competitive exam preparation be it – IAS, IFS, State and Central exams, SSB, Bank, RBI, Railways exams etc.

Though it is good to read all the NCERT books from Class 6th to Class 12th, it is not compulsory and not necessary too. Go through our downloads page to know which text books are a must read books.

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QUIZ LINKS(click on the updated blue links to take quiz)

Class 6HistoryHistory -Our Past-I
Class 6GeographyThe Earth-Our Habitat
Class 6PolitySocial and Political Life Part I
Class 6ScienceScience
Class 7HistoryHistory-Our Pasts II
Class 7GeographyGeography-Our Environment
Class 7PolitySocial and Political Life Part II
Class 7ScienceScience
Class 8History

History-Our Pasts III(Part 1)

History-Our Pasts III(Part 2)

Class 8GeographyResource and Development
Class 8PolitySocial and Political Life Part III
Class 8ScienceScience
Class 9HistoryIndia and Contemporary World Part 1
Class 9GeographyContemporary India I
Class 9PolityDemocratic Politics – Part I
Class 9EconomicsEconomics
Class 9ScienceScience
Class 10HistoryIndia and Contemporary World Part 2
Class 10GeographyContemporary India II
Class 10PolityDemocratic Politics – Part 2
Class 10EconomicsUnderstanding Economic Development
Class 10ScienceScience
Class 11History

Themes in World History

Living Craft Traditions of India

Class 11Geography

Fundamental of Physical Geography Part 1

India Physical Environment

Class 11Polity

India Constitution at Work

Political Theory

Class 11EconomicsIndian Economic Development
Class 11Sociology

Understanding Society

Introducing Sociology

Class 11Science


Physics Part 1

Physics Part 2

Chemistry Part 1

Chemistry Part 2

Class 12History

Themes in Indian History-I

Themes in Indian History-II

Themes in Indian History-III

Class 12Geography

Fundamentals of Human Geography Part 2

India -People And Economy

Class 12Polity

Politics in India since Independence

Contemporary World Politics


Class 12Economics

Introductory Macroeconomics

Introductory Microeconomics

Class 12Sociology

Indian Society

Social Change and Development in India

Class 12Science


Physics Part 1

Physics Part 2

Chemistry Part 1

Chemistry Part 2