Nandhini K R – Rank 1 – Optional Kannada Literature

Nandhini K R – Rank 1 – Optional Kannada Literature



Name Nandhini K R
Place Karnataka
Graduation B.Tech, M.S.Ramaiah Institute, Bangalore
UPSC Rank Rank 1 Year 2016
Attempt 4th Attempt
Optional Subject Kannada Literature


Score Card:


Sample Answers:

rank 1, 2016, essay


Reference Books:

General Studies
Mains Optional – Kannada Literature
  • Linguistics, history of Kannada Language-M.H. Krishnaiah
  • Kannada Bhasha Shastra- R.Y. Dharwadkar
  • Kannada Sahitya Charitre- R.S. Mugali
  • Bettada Jeeva-Shivarama Karanta
  • Madhavi-Arupama Niranjana
  • Odalaala-Devanuru Mahadeva
  • Devaru- A.N. Moorty Rao
  • Janapada Swaroopa-Dr. H.M. Nayak.
  • Janapriya Kanakasamputa, Ed. D. Javare Gowda
  • Kannada Janapada Kathegalu-Ed. J.S. Paramashivaiah
  • Kannada Sanna Kathegalu- Ed. G.H. Nayak
  • Kumaravyasa Bharata
  • Nambiyannana Raagale- Ed., T.N. Sreekantaiah
  • Pampana Samasta Bharata Kathamrita—L. Basavaraju
  • Shudra Tapaswi-Kuvempu
  • Tughlaq-Girish Karnad.
  • Vachana Kammata, Ed: K. Marulasiddappa K.R. Nagaraj
  • Vikramarjuna Vijaya of Pampa



  • Revision helped in reducing time to recollect during exam and is a must. Revise all the basic books and have a clear understanding of concepts. Instead of reading many books for a single topic read one book many times and have good understanding of that.
  • Books and sources—need to be chosen according to individual’s ability to comprehend. I found NCERTS very interesting. So I read them for most of the topics. This also helped in developing a writing style similar to NCERT narration.
  • An amount of fear helps in pushing us towards hard work. Fear and self doubts are like fire—if in excess will burn and destroy the individual. If one is carefree one can become over confident about one’s capabilities. If anxieties, fears are kept under control it brings best out of an individual. So, Believe in yourself, anything is possible for a willing heart; Aim high, Never give up, In fact, in every adversity lies an opportunity.


Work for one’s own satisfaction and giving ones 100%


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