Life as an officer

Life as an officer:

Like any other profession,  IAS Profession also has its pros and cons. IAS is a job to work for people being a part of them. it’s more of serving a mankind.


  • The prestige and power that comes with the position
  • The monetary compensation and perks
  • Work life balance is a bigger possibility than many other career options
  • An opportunity to make a meaningful contribution towards your country’s growth


  • No enough leaves when needed
  • Family lives in good houses provided, while the officer spends most time working
  • An honest officer cannot afford a luxurious living.
  • Stressful work
  • Salary can never match the private sector remunerations.

Yet, none of the IAS officer would plan to resign because, the satisfaction they get from the service is unparallelled.

‘Happiness of connecting a village by road or providing water to some hamlet or conducting smooth elections or providing relief in disasters in unparalleled…I can’t explain the happiness when a poor villager brings a few vegetables from his farm just out of affection.’

– Anonymous IAS Officer.

‘A life well lived, with lots of memories to keep.’
-Rajneesh Dube, IAS

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