Kunal Kishore, Rank 337 – Score 198

Kunal Kishore, Rank 337 – Score 198


Optional: Sociology. Graduation in Engineering.  2nd attempt. No Post-graduation. No other professional courses. Hobbies & Extracurricular achievements: Watching inspirational movies, playing a Video Game called Rise Of Nations. Experience: Working with bank.

Chairman: Shri Chatter Singh. Duration: 35 minutes


He enters the room. Walks to board and wishes them ‘Good Afternoon’

CM– (Showing him his photo) ‘Who is this handsome boy?’

Ans.- Sir, ‘That’s myself, Kunal Kishor.’

Comments: responds cheerfully.

(member m2 nods head saying good, good).

Cm– Sit down, Kunal.

Ans.– thank you , sir.

Comments: Creates good first impression.

Cm- Kunal, what is this Automation engineering?

Ans. – computerization of process, includes cad, cam etc.

Cm– What is cad?


Cm- Have you heard of 3d printing?

Ans. – Yes sir.

Comments: felt happy. knew it well. but no excitement on his face. Calmness pays.

Cm– what is it? What are its usage, application, potential?

Ans. – answered very well in detail. Every part of it.

Cm– Have you gone to industrial training in your college times?

Ans.- ‘Yes Sir.’ (not much confident)

Cm– Did you see assembly lines?

Ans.- thinking and then said ‘yes sir’

Cm– What did they manufacture?

Ans. – ‘Automative parts, brakes, clutches, gears using cold aluminum casting method’

Comments: He smartly uses the word ‘aluminum casting method’ in his answer. Because he has read Aluminum Casting Method extensively.

CM– Describe assembly lines there.

He Answers.

Comments: The C.M. has, so far, acted as an Ice Breaker by asking simple questions related with his Graduation and his observations. He thus makes him comfortable.

Cm- How does Maruti manufacture cars?

Ans.– Outsource it from nearby areas, from small manufactures, etc.

Cm- Asks something on assembly line.

Ans.– Sorry Sir, I am not aware.

Cm- Asks about a technical concept JIT.


Cm- ‘How does maruti employ JIT?’

He tried to answer.

Comments: He makes a mistake. It is risky to answer it. He has never visited maruti. Could have confidently said that. He need to be aware that he is not supposed to know it.

CM- asked some graduation related technical questions.

Does not know answers. He starts feeling stressed.

C.M. – asked one more graduation related technical question.

Ans. – ‘Please give me some time to think on this.’

Cm– Yes, yes, sure.

He takes more than 1 minute. Thinking hard. answered. But does not answer well.

Comments: very nice. He uses 1 minute wisely to cool and distress his mind.

Cm– You must know this.

Ans.- ‘Sure Sir, I will certainly learn it.’

Cm– Good.

Comments: see how humility and readiness to learn pays. A simple ‘sure sir’ type reply breaks the stress cycle. He is aware that he is not supposed to know it. Still he humbly shows his readiness to learn.

Member M1 takes over. He is a very calm and composed personality. Candidate regains his confidence and feels good.

M1– asked a concept.

He didn’t know that. Said Sorry Sir.

M1- Asked simple stuffs on energy sector in India, potential of renewable energy and coal? Whether sufficient? If sufficient then why importing? Etc.

Answers them well and pointwise.

M2 takes over. He is also from engineering background. Asked questions related to engineering. Some about assembly lines.

Could not answer.

M2 – Asked questions about Casting process.


M2– notices his unusual hobby of playing a video game. Asks

Answers confidently.

Comments: M2 seems satisfied with his response. So he interrupts him and asks next question. He must have noticed candidate’s honesty of mentioning his actual hobby in in DAF.  It helps. A ‘manufactured hobby’ is risky and reveals your Dishonesty. Honesty pays him.

M2- (interrupting) ‘you organized Janta ki adalat in college?

Ans. – yes sir.

M2- what was it? Answered. Who were personalities? Answered.

M2– What is financial inclusion?

Ans.– answered in detail. Covered opening of new bank accounts, cultivating banking habits, government services like insurance etc

M2- ‘But how will they put money if they have nothing to put in their belly?’

Ans.- Pardon Me, Sir.

M2– repeats

Ans.– repeats other points. M2 looks satisfied.

( starts feeling uncomfortable and  hungry at 12:50. Handles some how.

M3 takes over. Starts probing.

M3– causes of corruption and solutions.

Ans. – (thinking for 45 seconds.) ‘Sir, one of them is colonial legacy’ (M3 interrupts).

M3– What colonial legacy?

Ans.– dastaks given to company official who misused it. This transmitted into culture of money mindedness and bribery.

M3-  No. was it not breach of trust?

Ans. – (Thinking) It was both bribery and breach of trust. Justified how.

M3– Counters again.

Ans.- mentally ready for such situation. replied confidently. Stuck to his point that it is both.

M3- opinion on uniform civil code. ( optional sociology )

Ans.- Desirable as for national uniformity and strengthening nationalism but needs consensus and wider discussion among all sections.

M3– And?

Ans. – Also improve women’s condition.

M3- How helpful in hindu laws?

Ans. – Talked of hindu adoption and maintenance act- where no equal right to women in adoption.

Comments: M3 starts probing into his personality. M3 often counters him and forces him to discuss his points in details. Candidate handles his stress with calmness and composer. He takes time to think before answering. LATE technique helps.

M4, a lady. Very calm, polite and patient Listener: You like watching movies. What kind of movies? (Hobby)

Ans. – names some inspirational movies. Uses the word ‘Lincoln’

M3 interrupts. What was he fighting for?

Ans. to bring 13th amendment in parliament.

M3: No, What was his quality which you liked the most?

Ans. – his determination to abolish slavery and bring equality among humans on racial basis. His compassion for humankind.

Comments: He handles interruption with calmness. His body language shows quality of his empathy and compassion for human problems. Creates good impression.

M4 – Kunal, what are strengths of Bihar (home state).

Ans. – demographic dividend, tourism, agriculture and agriculture based industry, market potential.

M4 – What tourist areas do you have in mind?

Answered well.

Comments: M4 seems happy. She helps him to regain his normalcy and confidence by asking simple questions.

M4 – You have lived in Delhi for so long. What are problems of Delhi and solutions?

Ans. – pollution, water and electricity problem in slum areas…

Comments: feels hungry and goes blank. some how manages to finish his answer about pollution and solutions. Lesson: Do not go there hungry or over-eaten.

M4 – asked some questions

answered most of them.

M4 – Are you aware of India China issue.

Ans. – had prepared well. Replies well.

Cm takes over again.

Comments: Cm. probes with some cross questions on uniform civil code. Unable to understand some of them, honestly admits. To some,  answers after thinking. Cm pretends to be a Devil’s advocate and counters him by opining that there is no right culture for the same. Candidate emphasizes in favor of uniform civil code and says:

‘then sir, we all will have to come forward and develop such culture so that all of us find space and prosper together’.

Cm laughs.

He also smiles.

Cm – Thank You, Kunal.

Ans. -Got up. Thank you Mam. Thank You Sirs. Looked to everyone.

( While leaving, he slips a bit but takes hold of sofa placed nearby. But he keeps his calm. Calmness pays him throughout the interview.)