IAS Study Tips For Beginners

IAS Exam Study Tips for Beginners

Before you read below article, kindly go through the upsc exam pattern, syllabus and strategy. Click on the tiles below

IAS Exam is not the tuffest exam. Life is!

You don’t have to study for 18 to 20 hours everyday. It is not possible either. Planned everyday consistent study for couple of hours is sufficient.

Your success in the exam doesn’t depend on your language expertise but on your intellectual thinking ability

Coaching is not at all an inevitable criteria to clear the exam now. With so many quality guidance and material available online, you can prepare leisurely from your home better than those who slog between coaching classes and self study

Success is one percent luck and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Don’t let that 99% thing slip from your hand. Toil sincerely, and you will be rewarded with that 1 percent luck.

Though lakhs of aspirants apply and write this exam, the real competition is between only 2000-3000 serious aspirants. Those who study systematically and consistently, get into service. If you do the same, you will be one among them. Don’t have fears even before you start. You must enter the race and work hard to win it.

Make the process fun, enjoy reading, love what you do and do everything to please your heart. Not the society.

Leo Tolstoy writes in Anna Karenina “If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” Also  someone said, “Perfection is the child of time“. When you scout too many sources to make that perfect notes, you end up both loosing invaluable time and discontented. Managing time during the preparation is the most important aspect of this examination. Read one or two books for a topic. Re-read the same book even if some coaching institution or a publication house releases new notes/book in the market that has become famous.

UPSC strictly adheres to the syllabus. Though sometimes it seems like questions are asked from outside of the syllabus, they are actually in some ways related to it.

Just focus on the exam pattern with utmost care and KEEP CALM.

Strategy to prepare must be effective and efficient.

Follow one step at one time but keep a broad sight while start preparing for Mains and Interview with Prelims.

Do not scared regarding negative marking in Prelims.

Time Management is very crucial.


Complete static subject according to your study schedule

Prepare General Studies along with more focus on the Current updates and happenings. Current affairs appear as a very vital section.

Never depend completely on the coaching classes as No coaching center can give a more elaborate content for Prelims.

India Year Book is a huge field of knowledge which includes wide concepts on prelims.

Solve our unlimited static subject quizzes regularly

Go through our current affairs prelims subject wise modules which will be released a month before prelims for revision purpose


Work on the optional with equal importance to general studies.

Answers require a explanatory and analytical prepective to check your understanding of the subject.

Efficient time management is essential and a key to success.

Papers may be lengthy. Sometimes even after knowing the answer students are unable to write it because of lack of time.

Maintain a proper writing Pace.

Do not panic regarding english and language compulsory papers. They just need passing score.

Thoroughly refer the standard books.

Interactions and discussions plays a vital role in General Studies Preparation.


Be confident.

Keep on eye over current updates before going to the interview.

Interviews are mostly analytical in nature, be prepared with any kind of reasoning.

Prepare some topics on your optionals and your answers in mains application form

Interviewer can ask you a choice.

Read the interviews from our Toppers page so you will get a brief or rough idea of the same.

Comfort yourself with formal attire.


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