IAS Gk Notes


Having an appetite towards general studies will infact help you clear this exam. Some students don’t like reading Newspaper and General Studies, yet they compel themselves to study due to the demands of the exam. So, you don’t have a choice. But you do can make a conscious choice of enjoying what you read 🙂

Dear Reader,

You might have observed by now that there is loads and loads of study materials available online and in book stores.

What to study, what not to study, which coaching / website material is good, which is not, which books are must read ones etc – student get exhausted in them.

Our approach is to do selective study. Believe it or not, none of the materials is going to help you in your exam if you don’t follow an approach and study smartly!

Yes, digest it. What you have understood and assimilated from reading some standard books coupled with your intellectual, problem solving and presentable quality is the one that is going to make you the Winner.

So, stop collecting many materials. Stick to one notes, Most of the notes have the same content with little additions and deletions. Understand the concepts. Think, think on how this knowledge will help you in your service. How better you can use what you have learnt in the exams.

  • Here we provide must read NCERT Books and standard Books
  • We do provide notes with some important topics on the subject
  • Examiner would have corrected thousands of answers, he can easily make out which answer is from which book or coaching material/ website
  • Use these notes and books as the base but bring out your originality in the exam performance.

All the Best 🙂