How To Prepare IAS Prelims Exam In 2 Months

How To Prepare-IAS Prelims Exam In 2 months . Tips by topper and our mentor covered in this page

How To Prepare-IAS Prelims Exam In 2 months – Tips from the Topper

  • Prepare a timetable today , where you plan the next 2 months well in advance so that each of the topics is covered and revised.
  • You can give less weightage on ART & Culture, Ancient ,Medieval History and General Science as these cost benefit analysis is low here.
  • Go for static subject notes rather than standard books at this stage.
  • Summary current affairs gists from india year book, budget and economic survey should be focussed.
  • Practice mock exam. Take atleast two full length test daily irrespective of your preparation.

In the Exam,

  • Lay more focus on accuracy rather than number of attempts.
  • First answer all the known questions
  • During second round, go for questions 60-90% sure questions and try and look for option elimination , keywords etc to mark the answer.
  • And finally the third round of answer marking based on so called “ intelligent guess “ ( intuition/bluff ) where you are about 50% sure and take the name of almighty and mark it up ! Do this only if you could not answer atleast 65% of the paper confidently.

How To Prepare-IAS Prelims Exam In 2 months

  1. You will not have time to go through ncerts and revise it. So read our IASjunior mentorship program notes. They are summarized contents of ncerts and standard books. With mindmaps and pneumonics, you will be able to read and retain better.
  2. Revision is the key. Instead of reading other sources, just revise whatever you have read thoroughly.
  3. Practice unlimited quizzes and test series available in your dashboard
  4. You will have less time for answer writing practice. So, don’t bother about optional subject preparation or answer writing practice for now.
  5. BELIEVE. Many toppers have topped the exam by starting their preparation just a month or two before the prelims exam. Believe that you are no less and you can clear too.
  6. What you do in that two hour exam time matters. Gain confidence by reading and revising test series
  7. Read the summary current affairs compilations rather than trying to read all the yearlong magazines at once. You will find them in our Downloads page just a month before prelims
  8. Don’t panic or try to read any new content days before the exam just because someone said it is very important or exclusive.
  9. UPSC exam will be of surprises for everyone no matter how long their preparation duration is. The calmer and confident you are, the more likely that you will perform well and clear the exam

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