How To Clear Civil Services Exam In First Attempt

You want to become an IAS officer. You need to score top ranking (within 100) in UPSC Civil Service Exam. You want to become an IAS officer. You need to score top ranking (within 100) in UPSC Civil Service Exam.You want to become an IAS officer. You need to score top ranking (within 100) in UPSC Civil Service Exam.

How to Clear UPSC in first attempt answered by UPSC Topper Dinesh Kumar, AIR 6, 2016

First of all let us all agree to the fact that there is no hard and fast rule to clear UPSC.

Many people used to tell me that there are people who are preparing and giving this exam for the past 3–4 years and you starting now will not have any chance if put against them. But I used to keep telling myself that there are always people who find their name in the list in their first shot irrespective of anything.

Below are few things that actually helped me in clearing in my First attempt

  • As people say First attempt is your best attempt. You will be new, thrilled, excited with full of energy and hungry to face the challenge that UPSC throws at you. You will not have any biases and pressure. So use this energy to the fullest.
  • Don’t waste time in enquiring. Invest your time in studying. For example I have seen many people wasting time to enquire whether we should read Yojana or not, they might have spend their time better in reading Yojana rather than enquiring, which you can actually be completed in One Hour.
  • One important thing in this preparation is to always keep yourself motivated. Throughout my preparation I rarely had gone through a period where I did not feel like studying, in that way I am very fortunate. But let me also tell you the reason behind it, I always felt that Means are more important than Ends, so for me clearing is not the always the goal, my aim is to give 100% effort from my side. So I didn’t had the pressure of exam on me anytime,
  • And last but not the least, you should not just study hard but also study smart. For example to explain the difference, if you are reading the 2nd ARC report on Right to Information, you should not make a 20–30 page notes rather just a 4–5 page note. Because at max there can be one question in UPSC about RTI, for which you should answer in about 200 words, so at max you can write 2–3 points that you studied from ARC report, so even a one page well made notes will suffice. Observe that we have come from 30–40 pages to 1 page which is nothing but smart study, you are making notes but at the same time not overburdening yourself.
  1. Solving umpteen number of questions for my Prelims. Your target should be to solve a minimum of 10000 questions.
  2. Invest money in good test series which will give you a positive feedback.
  3. For Interview attend Mock Interviews

Lastly, I want to say you that Luck plays a crucial role in your selection, so don’t try too hard to clear this exam in first attempt, if you clear its good, if not you always have second attempt. So, The Key to clear this exam is hard work and patience.

Tips to Clear UPSC Exam in First Attempt:

  1. Consistent reading habit practice.
  2. Time management – have daily targets
  3. Memorize the UPSC syllabus.
  4. Go through previous year solved papers
  5. Start with NCERT books(Basic). Download free here
  6. Then Read important Text Books for each subject. Find details here
  7. Now test yourself by solving mcqs on that subject-don’t get panicked after getting very less score coz that’s just the beginning. Solve free quizzes here
  8. Try to write essays on some topics (practice answer writing-if you start writing from now it’ll be very helpful in mains)
  9. Now evaluate in which topics you are lagging then go through that again.
  10. Follow this process with all the subjects
  11. Read current affairs regularly


To Summarize

  • Make a habit to read every day for a specified time period
  • Practice answer writing must be in your daily routine
  • Read selectively. What not to read is as important as what to read as there are umpteen study materials available online and in stores
  • Get feedback on your answers, your opinions, thought flows
  • Maintain discipline and consistency in your preparation.
  • Join Mentorship program for the right guidance

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