Ganga Singh (Rank-33/CSE16)


Ganga Singh (Rank-33/CSE16)


Interview board chairman – Shree Chhattar Singh ji.

Duration :  25 minutes.


  1. Is this you Mr. Ganga Singh ( Showing my photo)

     Me — Han ji sir .(That time I  forgot to reply “YES Sir.”)

  1. So , Mr. GANGA SINGH you did B.Sc from jodhpur in 2014 , good ,you performed well .I think you should continue your field , why not applied for further studies ?

      Me — Sir, nowadays, I am pursuing M.A. in Hindi literature from JNU, New Delhi.

  1. You stay at hostel , what kind of problems generally faced by students there ? If you are warden ,  than how will you short out ?

       Me — Sir, my hostel (kaveri) provided me better facilities during my 2 yrs stay. But , sometime there are some issues of misunderstandings among students., there is issue of sanitation. If I were the warden I would try to convince them by positivist manner. And try better on my part to resolve them peacefully.But if further any issue arises again than I will take strict action .( Acche student badmashi nhi karte , aap inti achhi jagah padh rhe h ye aapka sobhagya h.fir bhi nhi mane to me further action leta.)

  1. Which tourists sites around jodhpur are most popular around jodhpur ?

     Me — sir, there are many popular tourist places such as Umaid palace , Mehran Garh fort , Sun Temple at Osian etc.

  1. What is the distance from Jodhpur to Barmer ?

Me — sir , it is around 220 kms. ( actually it is 208 kms). ( This question was already prepared with my colleagues at JNU LIBRARY.)

  1. What are the sources of income in your district ?

Me — sir Agriculture , Animal husbandry are main sources of income in our area. Yes, some  people are performing well at cities in service sector.

1st member ( Lady Member )

  1. What is the population of your Gram Panchayat ?

Me — Madam , it is just around 5500 people.

  1. From where u inspired to become an IAS officer ?

Me — madam, in our area some district collectors performed very well at wide platform. Than I thought I should try for it , if would get through, it will be better to assist people directly at comprehensively by me.

  1. How you qualified Mains exam in very young age ?

Me- I have topped the class from my schooling to college , so I thought if I prepare well with great enthusiasm than I can get it. Proper guidance , availability of  adequate study material , proper time management and positivistic approach, positive environment at JNU Library ,richness of friend circle etc. made me easy to qualify it at very young age still in Hindi medium.

  1. What are the differences of the people and environment of JNVU Jodhpur  and JNU New Delhi ?

Me- at both place , people are committed to their duties. Ya, JNU is comparatively  more politically vibrant campus.

5.For which handicrafts are famous globally from Barmer ?

Me — There are various wood and textile handicrafts , such as  AJRAKH PRINT, Wood made toys etc.

Member 2:

  1. How RBI control money circulation in market ?

Me —  there are various qualitative and quantitative approaches. For this RBI follows accordingly.

2.At present time what is CRR, SLR, WPI and CPI inflation rates

Me — sir, CRR is just around 4 %, SLR is just around 22 % ( that time actually it was 20.5%), WPI rate is around 5% and CPI rate is around 3%.( on this moment the member impressed because I answered very fast)

3.What is measurement of Bigha , acre, hq, ?

Me — sir,  actually I am not aware about bigha. But I think 100*100 meters is for hq, and 40*40 mtrs for acre. ( is samay thoda stress aa gya mere chehre pr lekin sambhal liya jald hi)

4.What is the present situation of Indian economy ? Is it performing well ?

Me-  sir, Indian economy is performing at an average level. It’s not so good or bad but mixed. There are many challenges towards  it but some positive things ( biggest market, demographic dividend etc.) are here to combat adverse conditions.

Member 3:

1.If you would be like to travel from Sri nagar to Kanyakumari than which states fall in this way of journey?

Me — sir, Jammu Kashmere, Punjab, rajasthan, madhya pradesh, andhrapradesh , tamilnaddu. ( I missed karnataka and this route was not exactly straight )

2.why Govt of India is focusing on Ganga river only ?( First question directly related to my Name )

Me — sir , I think govt is not only considering this river but also focusing on other rivers under Integrated river development programme , yes , somewhere govt is focusing because Ganga is well connected with religious aspect and also its basin covers 40 % of the productive land area.

  1. From your Barmer district many people use to join the Army , than why you have not ?

Me — sir, from my village last year 2-3 students recruited for Indian Army . I also have tried through NDA,CDS,AFCAT but I couldn’t get through .

Member 4:

1.If you will get IFS than where you want  to serve first.

Me- sir, Africa continent .

  1.  No, In neighbouring countries where you want to serve ?

Me — sir , Pakistan.

  1. Did you heared about racism in Africa , America and recently some incidents in India like bangalore , noida ? Is there any relativity in these incidents and what you know about this phenomena ?

Me-  sir , there are some historical reasons but as of now these incidents are results of narrow mentality

Chairperson again

1.Lets Ganga Singh  tell me is really this type of mentality (  related to previous member’s last question ) is present in Indian Society or in Indian culture ?

Me — yes sir , absolutely this type of mentality is present.

  1. Chairperson intervened and said how you can  say this ? In India there is Democracy and our Indian constitution gives rights like Equality,Freedom ?

Me – sir, these all things are idealistic , but in reality the discrimination of colour ( kale and gore ka bhed ) is exist in  our society

  1. How can you say so ?

Me — sir , there are many examples which are present in our society even today as examples I can present them in front of the board .

  1. So tell them ?

Me –  first example ; on Indian roads mostly  loading vehicles have a tagline “ buri nazar vale tera munh kaala .( as I gave this example the entire board started laughing )

Second example ; in our Bollywood most of the songs are related to fair colour ( gora rang ) ( the lady member passed a smile on this moment.)

Chairman intervened and on this moment he was looking  totally convinced.

Chairman ; thank you Ganga Singh .

Me — thanked every member.