Clear your Doubts

IAS junior mentorship program is meticulously designed by group of experts, academicians, officials and experienced aspirants based on the experience of training thousands of aspirants all over India.

IAS is NOT the toughest exam. No, it is not. Treat it as any other exam you give in your school/college/career days.

‘The early bird catches the worm’ – If you are starting early from your school or college days, then definitely your chances of success is more. Also, you can study leisurely without any pressure which makes you enjoy the studies. The more you enjoy, the better you understand and analyse.

It doesn’t mean you can’t clear if you start preparation after graduation. Of course you can! It only takes at max one year of consistent hard work.

Firstly, we appreciate you have such thoughts. Save on them so that you can do some real civil service.

Secondly, answer is NO. You pretty much cannot revolutionize the system. But Yes, you can have an impact on a large section of people. This is not possible in any other job (except political representatives).

It is never early. It takes 5 to 10 years for some aspirants to get hold of this exam preparation. So, save your valuable years by starting early as an hobby.

Not at all! We in fact guarantee that your grades will improve.We are not dumping you with some class notes to study. We are giving you a Vision here. We are not giving fish to eat but teaching you fishing!

Our guidance program is personalized looking into individual capabilities. It will be fun and interesting. Our course will become your hobby initially. Spending an hour on general studies (irrespective of you preparing for exam or not) will bring tremendous changes in the growing mindset, enriches your general knowledge, improves your IQ, helps in concentration, your reading and writing speed will improve, you will become more responsive about your and other’s behaviour.

In fact, This course should be made compulsory in school/college curriculum in near future.

If you have a dream of becoming an IAS officer, then this program is invincible. The direction in which a man starts his education will determine his future in life. It is wise to learn from others experiences. Save your valuable time by learning from our mistakes. Be wise and smart. You have nothing to lose.

We are targeting aspirants who can start at an young age. Anyone who can read, write and understand english can enroll into the program. School students,Graduates, under graduates, full time aspirants, working professionals, house wives – anyone can enrol into this mentorship program.

Any person who is knowledge savvy can enrol anytime at any age to this course. It benefits the most for those who are preparing for civil service.

Young people have enormous concentration and commitment capabilities which tend to loosen up as they grow older. Tapping this potential as early as you can will improve your chances of succeeding earlier.

Clearing this exam one year early also – impacts substantially, your professional career in particular and personal life in general.

This exam needs constant updation with content and mentorship. So, guidance ends when you start your career.

Program duration is until you clear the exam. Due to financial constraints, we have kept the subscription validity for One Year. Renewal will be based on your scores in the end module tests. On clearing it with above the prescribed cut off, your subscription continues with little or no renewal price. If you fail, then you need to repay and activate the subscription. Module will be redesigned and guidance pattern will be changed if needed.

Firstly, Faith matters. You need to be open to the idea that good still exist in the society.

Let’s assume, you are right. What is it that you will be loosing. Just couple of bucks.

But what if you are wrong, You will be regretting big time for not enrolling. You will realize the worthiness of our program after spending lakhs on coaching institutes and more than that, your valuable working years of your life!

Plz don’t join if you don’t trust the program. Entire mentorship concept stands under the strong foundation of faith.

This is a revolution we have started, be a part of it for a better future and a better society.

Anyone who is willing to gain clarity on basic concepts and a sense of general awareness of what is going on around us and in the society can be a part of our program. You can improve your IQ, brush up on your reading and writing skills. You will surely be of great benefit to your kid.

This is dealt in great detail here Mentorship program

Firstly, we are moulding young minds.

What to study, what not to study is explained in every website. Loads and loads of free and paid materials are available. Video lectures, test series, scheduled packages all available elsewhere too, yet our program is distinct from them in every aspect.

Based on our long term experience of guiding thousands of aspirants, we can say, Problem is not in finding the materials, Problem is in keeping the determination and concentration throughout your preparation journey.

You cannot be upright all the time. This is where the achievers distinguish from the non-achievers. They keep themselves motivated – Study groups, competition, mentorship, subject passion, family support etc will keep them glued towards their journey to success. They fall too, but raise back again.

Exam preparation should become a deeply engraved habit, then no internal or external factor can stop you from achieving your goal. Cultivating such mindset/habit with proper schedule and study contents is the key which is lacking in all the coaching programs that you find online or offline.

Yes, we will definitely guide you. We train you to the right mindset and refer you to the right resources and guidance. If you are a serious aspirant, we will definitely equip you to be one of the toughest competitor hard to be defeated.

This is the mentality that will cost you dearly in future! After graduation, you will be wasting crucial working years to know the right strategy. UPSC Exam has become so dynamic. You just have to imbibe those traits that are checked through various exam stages through constant practice.

Common sense has become so uncommon now a days.

Our education system does not focus on testing concept clarity among students, the one with good memory and rot memorization is rewarded. Students are pressurized to score highest rather than to enjoy the learning process. The same rot learning method does not work in UPSC. Yes! There in fact will be lot of contents and facts to study and mug up too but you can do that only after you are able to understand the concepts and intentions behind it clearly.

Concept clarity on syllabus curriculum, common sense and general awareness is all that you need to top in UPSC exam.

It is the right time to orient your studies with current events

Trust is the first foundation you will need to have if this program has to work. We have our office in bangalore. Our mentors are spread throughout India. Many are into the government service and want to remain an anonymous mentor.
Coming to trust, The mentorship program fees you will be paying is online and will be acknowledged by a receipt. It is all on records and you can hold us responsible in that way.
But we only want to guide students who can trust us. If not, please don’t join. You can still make use of the website completely and reach to us always for any general queries.

No. As of now, IAS junior mentorship program is available only in English