Chandra Mohan Garg (Rank-25/CSE-2015)


Chandra Mohan Garg (Rank-25/CSE-2015)


Interview board chairman – Manbir Singh

Duration :  25 minutes.


Interview Questionnaire


  1. When you prepare a marketing strategy what are the issues you keep in mind?
  2. What are the issues going on with European Union?
  3. What is sovereign debt crisis? What is Germany demanding from PIGS countries and why is their resistance?
  4. Why salaries and pensions especially being targeted by Germany?


Member 1

  1. You started a community project? What was the project? Did you registered it or was it just for fun, a part time thing?
  2. How did you help the underprivileged children?
  3. What were the learning gaps among the children? Your Team size and how many children were there?
  4. What was the size of the community?
  5. What was the social profile of the people, where did they belonged to and what were their occupations?
  6. Tell me what all issues and problems you could see in the community?


Member 2

  1. You worked in Deloitte? What was your job profile and what did you do there?
  2. You did your graduation in Instrumentation but worked in software, why so ?
  3. Do you think colleges should close down or reduce seats in such branches?
  4. Who was Netaji?
  5. Suppose Netaji would have been alive today? What would be happening in India?
  6. Tell me about his ideology?
  7. How he would have led the nation today?
  8. We are still following socialist goals, how he would have been different?
  9. What is this issue of declassification of Netaji files?
  10. What’s so special now? Why declassify now


Member 3

  1. What do you understand by proxy war?
  2. Bleed India through thousand cuts? One factual question, I don’t remember
  3. Why Pakistan going for it?
  4. Do you think resolution of Kashmir issue would resolve problems between India and Pakistan?
  5. At least it will stop terror attacks?
  6. What are non state actors?
  7. Why are they called so?
  8. Who were behind recent Pathankot attacks?
  9. There is something special happening around Yamuna? What is it and who is organizing it?
  10. Don’t you think it’s a good initiative?
  11. What are the issues?


Member 4

  1. You left your job in 2013 so what are you doing now?
  2. Oh so you are in Accounting services? So how do you like learning accounts after being an Engineer?
  3. You presented a paper on child labor? What was it?
  4. What’s your take on child labor? Is it good or bad?
  5. What are the reasons behind child labor in India?
  6. How can we tackle this menace?
  7. When even educated people are unemployed, how will you convince parents not to engage children in child labor?
  8. Telecom sector is booming, what do you think about postal? Don’t you think it has little scope?
  9. I want to know about its core activities, not additional ones? Don’t you think there is little scope left for postal in its core operations?



Your Interview is over. Thank You


My own review: Questions were mainly on current affairs and my DAF.  I was confident, I had clarity of concepts but lacked on knowledge aspect in few questions.

Score: 176/275