Ayushi Sharma Score: 193

ias junior Ayushi-Sharma

Ayushi Sharma Score: 193


-You are an engineer then also you took public administration as an optional?

Ans.: Yes sir.

[ Since why was not asked so she restricted her answer to yes only]

-What factors do you think would have been responsible for policy paralysis in our country?

Answered. While answering, she uses the word ‘better government-public interface’

-What is government-public interface?

Answered. Uses the word ‘public opinion’ in the answer.

-Is it necessary to have public opinion on every matter; since it leads to delays?


Comments: See how a Follow up or a further Probing question emerges using para phrases of a candidate’s previous answer.

-What is disaster management? How has India fared in tackling disasters?

Explained it.

-examples of recent times?

Ans.: Yemen and operation Raahat. Explains both

-follow up on India’s role in Yemen evacuation?


-Factors which have led to decline in cross border terrorism?


-Indo-Pak maritime boundary related question.

She could not understand the question properly. But answered a bit.

Comments: Understand the question before answering. You may always request the interviewer to repeat/explain the question. Use LATE technique. No hurry to answer.

-An Engineering related question.

Ans.: ‘I don’t remember as I am not in touch with this subject matter for quite some time’

Comments: very good honest answer. No further questions were asked about Engineering.

-Reasons for dwindling sex ration in our country?

Enumerated around 4-5 points. Gave examples of Rajasthan and Haryana.

-Differential rural urban sex ratio. Reasons for the same.

Enumerated around 4 reasons.

-If the number of girl child continue to decline; what would be its long term effects?

Crime against women, change in societal fabric and Polyandry.

– Explain polyandry?

Explained it with examples.

Comments: See how a Follow up or a further Probing question emerges from the candidate’s answer.

-What is net neutrality?

Explained it.

-Is there any rule related to it in other country?

Yes; in US as same debate cropped up from this issue earlier.

-What is your stand on this issue?

She gave some arguments in support.

-What is judicial activism? What role it plays in country like India?

Answers well.

-Is it necessary?

Yes; the role of executive and legislature is very broad; the judiciary strives towards achieving the constitutional principles and basic values; but it should not go beyond an extent i.e. point of judicial overreach.

-What is judicial overreach?

Judiciary encroaching upon the areas of executive and legislature.

-Should the parliament draw a line to mark the extent up to which judicial intervention is allowed?

No; it is for the judiciary to decide the same because if any other institution will define it then the very purpose of judicial activism would be lost. Therefore, judiciary gave the concept of judicial restraint.

-What is judicial restraint?

Answered it.

-three more questions as follow up from above discussion.

Comments: See how a Follow up or a further Probing question emerges. Further questions are asked using the words or phrases of the candidate’s previous answers.