Artika Shukla – Rank 4 – Optional – Medical Science


Artika Shukla – Rank 4 – Optional – Medical Science



Name Artika Shukla
Place Varanasi
Graduation MBBS, Moulana Azad Medical College
UPSC Rank Rank 4 Year 2015
Attempt 1st Attempt
Optional Subject Medical Science


Score Card:



Sample Answers:

General Studies Sample answers 1

General Studies Sample answers 2

General Studies Sample answers 3

Reference Books:

Prelims – General Studies
  • Spectrum modern india
  • Class 11 and 12 geography ncert
  • Economics class 11th and 12th ncert
  • Economic survey
  • key features of budget
  • Laxmikant – Indian Polity
  • Daily newspaper reading –The hindu.
  • Art and culture- multiple resources – CCRT, Class 11th NCERT on art, any reputed coaching material, themes in Indian history etc
  • Shankar Ias book for environment
Prelims – CSAT
  • Solve Previous Year Papers
Mains – General Studies Paper
  • Books referred for prelims
  • Bipan Chandra India Since Independence (selected chapters)
  • Bipan Chandra India’S Struggle for Independence
  • Class 11 and 12 NCERT geography + GC Leong
  • Art and culture- multiple resources – CCRT, class 11th NCERT on art,any reputed coaching material, Themes in indian history etc
  • Society and other miscellaneous topics can be dealt with by reading the newspaper daily and thoroughly. No special preparation is needed.
  • Economic Survey : EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
  • key features of budget.
  • ARC for disaster.
  • Insights Secure
Mains Optional – Medical Science Paper 1
  • Human Anatomy—B D Chaurasia
  • Embryology from I B Singh;
  • Human Physiology– Ganong; Guyton and A.K. Jain book
  • Biochemistry–  by U. Satyanarayana book.
  • Pathology–   Robbins, and Cotran
  • Textbook of PATHOLOGY- Harsh Mohan
  • Essentials of Medical Pharmacology-K D Tripathi
  • Illustrated Reviews Pharmacology -Lippincott
  • Microbiology– D R Arora
  • Medical Parasitology- D R Arora
  • Ananthanarayan and Paniker’s Textbook of Microbiology
  • Essentials of Forensic medicine and Toxicology- Dr. K S Narayan Reddy
  • Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine- K Park
Mains Optional – Medical Science Paper 2
  • General Medicine textbook of medicine- S N Chugh
  • Medicine: Prep Manual for Undergraduates- George Mathews
  • Emergency medicine- S N Chugh.
  • Manipal Manual of Surgery-  K. Rajgopal Shenoy
  • Clinical surgery- S Das.
  • Pediatrics–  Essential pediatrics by O P Ghai, Paul and Bagga.
  • Practical Aspects Of Pediatrics- Dr. Mayoor K Chheda
  • Illustrated Synopsis of Dermatology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases- Dr. Neena Khanna.
  • Textbook Of Obstetrics-D.C. Dutt
Current Affairs
  • PRS
  • PIB
  • The Hindu
  • InsightsonIndia



  1. Do not spend more than 2 months exclusively in the preparation of prelims. It is a qualifying exam. Instead use the time to increase your grip over your optional/GS mains.
  1. Choose an optional you’re comfortable with. Something you enjoy reading and writing about. Optional marks can make or break your result. IT is the most crucial part of the preparation.
  1. Answer writing practice has two parts to it :

         One is the ability to finish a paper within 30 mins, to improve your speed and  to have a good handwriting. 

         The other is to build your content from diverse sources, collect and present the information in an organized manner.

         Both are required. Keep practicing until you’re good at both.

  1. In the final exam, always write an introduction.. the content if possible in points followed by an optimistic conclusion. Train yourself to write answers in this manner quickly.
  1.  Personality Test is the most whimsical part of the entire process. Try not to depend on it at all. The Mains Exam is what gets you in the final list. Give it your best shot!!



This is an exam not only of knowledge but also of strength,patience and focus. Work hard. Be ambitious and do not be                  afraid to start. Start where you are. Start with fear, with doubt, with pain. Start with voice shaking and hands trembling.              Start where you are, with what you have. You can.  You should. And if you’re brave enough to start, you will succeed one              day.

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