Anu Kumari – Rank 2 – Optional Sociology


Anu Kumari – Rank 2 – Optional Sociology



Name Anu Kumari
Place Haryana
Graduation MBA – IMT, Nagpur
UPSC Rank Rank 1 Year 2017
Attempt 2nd Attempt
Optional Subject Sociology


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Optional Sample 1

rank2, 2017, optional 2


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  •  One can start with NCERTs and standard books (like Laxminkanth, Spectrum etc). Read a book, then solve MCQs based on that, that will help you in getting the correct approach on how to study a book, which facts to focus on, what definition to memorise and so on. Then take second reading of that book. This time, you will better understand the approach to study (as you have gone through the MCQs based on that)
  • After covering NCERTs and standard books, (and studying current affairs for a while say 2-3 months) you would have built a good knowledge base. So, one can target completing NCERTs and standard books say in 3 months and then start answer writing practice.
  • Just think of the time when you had taken the decision to leave everything else and start preparing. Remember those sentiments, those ideals that drove you to preparation and start preparation in full swing. Just remember that your competition is with those students who are preparing full day and sweating it out more than you. You have to work harder than them to stay in competition. Further, you can rely on things like motivational quotes, spiritual thoughts, some ideal who you admire and keep them in front of you always to keep u inspired. I used to think that this is the last time when I am studying these books…in future, I would not have to do that. I would think that the more I slog now, more is the possibility of a better future.

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