Akhand Sitra

ias junior Ayushi-Sharma

Akhand Sitra

Mind your Language. It matters!

CM – Achcha, you worked in this company called XYZ? As an Associate Product Specialist? What was your exact work there?

A – Sir, I had joined the job in July after writing Prelims in May. Within three months I quit the job because I had to prepare for Mains. So, they did not give me any solid work till then. I was still in basic training.

CM –When you talk with your peers, you can use words like “Mains”, but not when you come to important interviews like this. Mains can be anything.

M4 – Yeah! It can be power mains or water mains too! So what Mains is it?

CM – What are your preferences?

A – First, the administrative services Sir, then the police services.

CM –interrupts. Administrative? For which country? British? Bhutan?

A – I am sorry Sir. I did it again. I should be more academically correct. I meant the Indian Administrative Services.

M3 – Ok. Do you know about Food stability act?

M4 – He means Food Security Act.

A – The National Food Security Act? Yes sir, the idea behind the act was that everybody should be comfortable regarding food. No one should sleep on an empty stomach.

M4 – Everybody? Are you sure?

A – Yes sir, I was coming to the technical part…..  

M4 –interrupts. Everybody?

A – Mostly, people below the poverty line Sir. But the core idea was everybody should be well-fed.

M4 – Everybody? Think harder. It is called the National Food Security Act.

A – Realized. No Sir, not everybody. Every Indian.

M4 – Yes correct. It is only for the Indian citizens and not the world population. You should be very careful in your choice of words. This is the third time. In one instant, you changed the beneficiaries from 1 billion to 7 billion!

A –Yes sir, sorry. I should be academically correct.

M4 – Okay, tell me how the word “Eureka” originate?

A –There was a guy sitting in his bath tub and he came out crying Eureka after discovering a scientific principle.

CM – Guy? Was he wearing jeans? Was he listening to his iPod?

A – Oops. Sorry Sir. I did it again. (Smiling)(CM was smiling too) I should be more academically correct in my statements. A respected scientist came out running into the streets after discovering buoyancy.

Comments: Choice of language matters. Candidate often misses the bus in this regard. He speaks a more practiced informal and slang language. Regular Practice of speaking formal language helps.

The Board throws Corrective questions/remarks at him in a friendly way. The candidate humbly accepts his mistakes every time without losing his confidence and calmness.