Abhilash Mishra (Rank-5/CSE16)


Abhilash Mishra (Rank-5/CSE16)


Interview board chairman – Shri Vinay Mittal

Duration :  30 – 35 minutes.

Interview Questionnaire:

Chairman: Questions

1.So you have mastered the art of clearing this examination. What is your secret?

2.Analyze the merger of railway budget with positives and negatives for us.

3.Do you think there is need for capital infusion in railways?

4.Money doesn’t come for free how will we pay or return the money (in continuation of the above question when I said that there is a need of capital infusion in Railways).

5.What can you do to promote the freight component in railways?


Member 1(Lady): Questions

1.What is RERA and what is its field of work? (Was unable to answer)

2.Do you believe a country has right to restrict immigration? What is USA’s action on this recently? Is it a right decision?

3.Why is India bothered about the H1B visas?

4.What is Gender? What are issues associated with it?

5.Should farm loans be waived?

Chairman: But we can’t leave them, what else can we do (when I said that in general it should not be waived and gave reasons for it)


Member 2: Questions

1.What were your favorite subjects in Mechanical Engineering?

2.Why public administration over Mechanical Engineering as an optional?

3.What do you do in Cricket?

4.What is a Chinaman bowling? In Indian team is there a Chinaman.

5.Who amongst the batsman that got out yesterday was dismissed out of his own mistake?

6.What can you do to speed up the railway project implementation and solve out the problems of environmental clearances?


Member 3: Questions

1.What are the challenges of taking Railways to North East and hilly regions?

2.Chairman: We don’t use narrow gauge now what do we do? (in response to something I said about narrow gauge in the previous answer)

3.Member 3 cont.: What technology has China used to bring railways to Tibet?

4.Is there a rationale in taking railways to these areas?


Member 4: Questions

1.What is levitation? What are its advantages?

2.Analyze the intention, components and strategy of the food security act.

3.Chairman: What are some of the features of the Food Security act? Do they get it for free? How it is to be done?

4.Member 4 cont.: Do you see any other motivation behind Jallikatu ban?

5.Is there any parallel of it in the world? What is it called?

It was a very comfortable interview with questions from my DAF and current affairs. It happened in a very cordial environment and they asked mostly view based questions. No it was not a stress interview and they didn’t ask uncomfortable questions.

However if such questions are asked and environment of stress is created, best way is to remain calm and composed and talk logically over the issue or try to tide over the question by saying “I’m unable to recall If it’s a factual question” or “ I believe in this” etc. Body language in such cases becomes very important and holds the key. It should not look that you are under stress even if you are under stress from inside.

Anubhav Singh (Rank-8/UPSC-2017)

Interview board chairman – Ms. Smitha Nagraj.

Duration :  30 – 35 minutes.

Score: 140

Interview Questionnaire:

1.You are already in the IRS .Are you satisfied?-I said i am fairly satisfied but want to utilise my full potential.

2.What would you like better raids or tax policy formulation?-I said that given my maths background tax policy formulation would better suit me but as an officer of law if required i would happily conduct a raid .

3.Who is the most remarkable person you have met ?-I told about my friend Khushdeep who is in dairy business.

4.What is the benefit of Desi cow milk over Jersey cow?-A2 allele of protein in Desi cow milk makes it healthier than Jersey cow milk.

5.What is more important‐ milk production increase or indigenous breeds protection?-I said both are important.

6.What would be your priorities as District Collector.

7.You talked about education.how would you improve quality of education?

8.Problems in higher education sector in india and what would you suggest.

9.Do you think private universities are doing good? What are the issues related to them. -Told about high fees, quality control and lack of inclusion.

10.What is innovation? Suggest an innovative idea to improve higher education in india.

11.what is AFSPA and its provisions. Should we remove the act ? two commissions related to AFSPA.-Told about Hegde and Reddy commissions.

12.Tell me the difference between real number natural number and imaginary number. 13.National mathematics day why and when celebrated.-

14.Important works of Ramanujan. which prime minister declared this day? -Dr. Manmohan Singh had declared this day.

15.what do you think about loan waivers in up?is it a solution?-I said its dressing only and not a solution.

16.What about transition from BS4to Bs6 .benefits and challenges.direct gasoline injection engines.

17.Maslow hierarchy of needs?sustainable development in Indian policy making.

18.Do you think we could have used 93000 Pakistani pows to solve Kashmir issue.-I said yes.

19.Anubhav what is game theory? -Told the definition.

Q5. Was your interview on the expected lines of what you had prepared or did they ask you totally unexpected questions?  Was it a stress interview, did they ask any uncomfortable questions? If yes, how did you handle it?

My interview was not a stress interview despite the fact that it was not on expected lines.They did not ask any uncomfortable questions and the board was very cordial.