UPSC PRELIMS 2020: Wetland birds in kaziranga

Wetland birds in kaziranga

Topic: Wetland birds in kaziranga

Topic in Syllabus: Ecology & Environment

Wetland birds in kaziranga


Officials of the Kaziranga National Park and avian specialists conducted the second wetland bird count. The teams counted a total of 19,225 birds belonging to 96 species under 80 families.

About Kaziranga national park 

  • Kaziranga, home of the world’s most one-horned rhinos, has 96 speciesof wetland birds , one of the highest for wildlife preserves in India.
  • Much of the focus of conservation efforts in Kaziranga are focused on the ‘big four’ species— rhino, elephant, Royal Bengal tiger and Asiatic water buffalo.
  • The park also has more than 250 seasonal water bodies, besides the Dipholu River running through it.

Importance of wetland for the water bird population

  • Some birds depend on wetlands almost totally for breeding, nesting, feeding, or shelter during their breeding cycles. 
  • Birds that need functional access to a wetland or wetland products during their life cycle, especially during the breeding season, can be called “wetland dependent”
  • Other birds use wetlands only for some of their needs, or they might use both wetland and upland habitats.

Number of birds in a wetland depends on:

  • Number of wetlands in the area
  • Wetlands’ size and water depth
  • Climate 
  • Species of bird and the bird’s adaptations to wetlands.


Data on avian wealth is important because the wetlands nourish Kaziranga’s ecosystem. Increase or decrease in the number of birds is indicative of the park’s health.


Sample Question:

Kaziranga National Park is famous for which of the following

  1. Rhinos
  2. Tiger
  3. Deer
  4. Elephant

Answer: A