A Must Read for UPSC 2019 Aspirants – How to Prepare for UPSC Exam Starting Now

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A Must Read for UPSC 2019 Aspirants


Dear Students,

June 2, 2019 will be the UPSC Prelims date as of now. Effectively there is 5 months for your preparation.

How best can you utlilize this time and prepare well?

Ingredients needed


Whether you are giving exam for the first time or not, we advice you to go through the syllabus thoroughly. Only then will you be able to relate whatever you read with what the exam demands

You must go through previous year question papers to know about the kind of questions asked in UPSC exams. Don’t wait until you finish reading to go through the questions. Just start solving them. You will be surprised based on your common understanding you will be able to answer many questions. Take it as a quiz here. It helps in focusing better.

Now, make a plan on how you will be covering the syllabus. Syllabus can be broadly defined as History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science and Technology and current affairs. Some areas need more time and focus and some parts you can omit if you are lacking time. But whatever you plan to study strictly stick to one resource and revise plenty of times.

Which areas you can omit, which areas need more focus. How to tackle questions with intelligent guessing (I bet none of the exam giver can be 100% sure with all the questions!) . Also if you have a person who is tracking with your study progress, who will continuously be monitoring and motivating you to prepare in the right direction, it will compel you to study better. Many aspirants fail here as they are not accountable to anyone for their preparation and they keep piling up the studies and finally give up and plan for next year. Trust me that next year never shows up. Who knows what happens next. Make the most of what you have now.

We have referred NCERTs and standard books and have come up with study modules that are simpler and colourful with pictures, mindmaps, infographics and pneumonics. This is a simple psychological study, such notes keeps the subject interesting and helps in memory retention too. Instead of reading a library full of books, go through our module contents and revise only them thoroughly.

Everyday in your study schedule, you need to allot sometime for solving questions regularly. Solve as many questions as possible. They will help consolidate what you have studied. Also, you will start relating important topics the moment you take up reading newspaper. You will start thinking from question maker perspective. This is the power of mock test practice.

Last but not the least, for you to make any of the above to happen, the main ingredient is your WILL POWER. Commit to yourself, ‘Come what may, for the next couple of months, I am going to stick to the time table and give my best. When things don’t work out the way I had intended, I shall still stick to it and do my best in the given time. If you can promise this, then we bet you with your promise and our guidance you will be one of the tuff competitor in the exam with a very good chance of success.

The last thing that remains between you and success will be your performance in the exam hall. That again depends on your confidence level, which comes gradually with your preparation. We challenge you if you follow the guidance with all the trust and hard work, then success is yours.

Just start right now! Imagine the happiness of your success in the face of your loved ones. It is worth it! Slog now to enjoy the fruit of success.

All the Best

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