IAS junior Mentorship Program Details

Mentorship Program


IAS junior Mentorship Program Details

You have a dream, we have the guidance. You realise your dream,we build a value. A win-win case for both us.

Vision – What & Why To Do; Orientation – Right Way To Do; Direction – Doing It Right.

Repeat the three stages constantly throughout.

Program Details:

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iasjunior online mentorship program details


Difference between IAS junior mentorship program and other coaching centres

Presently, In coaching centres,

  • Classroom programs costs lakhs where only lectures are given and notes are dictated.
  • Online test series charge thousands for just the questions and solutions.
  • Some centres give materials but not the feedback.
  • None will follow up on how you are progressing with your studies. You will have to give up trying to contact them.


IAS junior mentorship program is a very innovative program. There is no such program existing currently to compare actually.

  • Our target group is school, college or full time/working aspirants while most coaching centres focus on full time aspirants only.
  • Our main goal is to create value in the society. We want to have a well informed and active youth repository in the nation. They are the future. Change has to be brought from grass root level to reflect it in higher arena. Most coaching institutes are a business model. Yes! We are not philanthropists either. But In cost value analysis, IAS junior value creation capability is beyond limits.
  • Ours is a mentoring program not a guidance or a coaching programme. It is interactive.
  • There is no other such comprehensive program available at such an affordable price at your fingertips.


IAS junior Mentorship Program – Apt for the changing exam trend

iasjunior mentorship program apt for changing exam trends

Join us. Join early. Save time. Work wisely. New exam pattern needs new approach. Become smart. Enroll to IAS junior mentorship program. The earlier you start the most likely you are to succeed.