Atul Vikas Kulkarni, Score: 178.


Optional: Sociology.

Board: H C Gupta.


Chairman read out educational and employment details from DAF. Found that he has worked for an NGO. Asked:

Which NGO did you work?

What sectors does it work? (drinking water and sanitation)

Which projects on sanitation did you work. Please explain

Who is the founder of Sulabh International?

What is Sulabh model of toilets.

Is there any other alternative sanitation models?

Comments: So far, ,questions were from hobby. NGO work. Makes candidate comfortable. It would have tensed him if he had a manufactured his hobby.

Tell me about the recent Karnataka High Court verdict? (Jayalalitha case was in news then) What is her full name?

Why did Tamil Nadu HC transfer the case to Karnataka?

M1: Why is Lokpal needed?

What is Lokayukta? Who is current Lokayukta in Karnataka? (Home State )

How do you curb corruption in India?

( issue of Lokpal and Karnataka Lokaykta were in limelight then )

Is MNREGA successful? Tell it loopholes?

Why negative balance of trade is bad for India? We can very well import goods?

Why our exports not competitive?

Case: You are District Collector, there is a calamity (floods) all crops are destroyed and there are no official records about cropping patter in your office. You have to start from scratch. What are the steps you will take?

How will you finance the crop losses? What is National Calamity fund? National contingency fund? Differences? Who gives funds?

(Chairman after asking questions went to toilet. Some members pretend to be feeling sleepy and not looking at candidate. Some members contradict him to see how he responds and  substantiates his stance. Some would cut him short in between and jump to another question. )

Comments: after making him comfortable, Panel tests his confidence and calmness during unwanted situation and also consistency of his views.